Warehousing in logistic and supply chain management presents storing of goods that will be sold or delivered to the end consumer. As a logistic service, warehousing includes several elements such as:

  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Order
  • Cost Control
  • Security
  • Return Management

that require a strong warehouse management system (WMS) in order to keep control and provide professional and high-quality service.

Trees Service is successfully expanding its warehousing and fulfillment capacities to become more approachable to you and respond to your business needs the best possible way.

With the capacity of more than 40 000 pallet position and access to more than 200 cities and sub-cities, all TD tree warehouses use State of the Art system, are fully equipped and SFDA approved, supported by a strong WMS that assist the partners to better plan their stocks

All TD tree warehouses have a full team on board in order to ensure proper KPI Management and customer satisfaction. Our State of Art System monitors your shipments from the first moment of creation to the final delivery with 100% live feed tracking.

We provide

Receiving, segregating, and systematically

Safe and protected storage

Selecting the ordered products with the most accuracy provided.

Professional and efficient packing of your products.

Laboring documents by request

Fast and safe transportation