Understanding the importance of Last-Mile Delivery service as the last link in a supply chain, TD Tree creates for you the most efficient and cost-effective E-Commerce solutions.

Defined as the transportation of products or parcels from the distribution facility to the requested location, Last-Mile Delivery is the final and the most important step in a supply chain that will shape the client’s and customer’s overall experience.

The era of digitalization brought huge growth in the online sales market.
So far, around 22% of the population uses online purchases and according to researches and studies in the next 20 years, that number will jump to 95%. That means you need to think about last-mile delivery solutions that answer the rapidly growing demands.

An increased volume of daily delivery and high competition in the market makes delivering goods challenging more than ever. As one of the best last-mile delivery companies, technology-supported solutions to constantly improve the quality and speed of its services and to respond to your business needs the best possible way.

Though it might look pretty simple, the process of Last-Mile Delivery demands good synchronization of the system and operational team that keeps the delivery standards of the company on a high professional level.

Steps To DO

Once the supplier or client receives the order, our system will offer a wide range of options and solutions in order to choose the one that fits your business needs the best. On the scheduled time, the order will be collected and transported to the warehouse (hub) and from there to its final destination.

Upon arrival at the hub, all goods will be scanned and registered into our system (WMS) which allows you to have a constant insight into your inventory and segregated to the proper location in the warehouse until the order is ready for the final delivery.

The next step is assigning the driver and planning the delivery route. Before loading and dispatching, all of the goods will be double scanned to prevent and avoid any mistakes and to update the status of the shipment.

Once the shipment is out, you will be provided with a live tracking system. At every moment during the transportation from the hub to the final destination you can see the location of the shipment and the contact details of the driver.

When the shipment reaches its final destination customer signature will be required and updated in the system as proof of safe and successful delivery.